Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michael Franks

I've slept on this cat for such a long, long time.  Michael Franks is smoothness personified, with a singing style part Chet Baker and part Donovan.  He's jazzier than Donovan and more rock-influenced than Chet Baker.  It's all good though, with those electric keys and smooth vocals over some solid lyrics.  Over the past few months, I've picked up both his The Art of Tea (largely considered to be his best), and Sleeping Gypsy albums, and really enjoy them both.  Why didn't I listen to this cat sooner?  I wish I knew...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're Going 'Streaking!'

Recently picked up this 1974 release by French composer Jean-Claude Pelletier.  Really enjoyable music, sounding like a hybrid between a funky, soulful blaxploitation soundtrack with some French pop feel to it as well.  Quality instrumentals and overall great compositions by Mr. Pelletier.  Here are a few of my favorites thus far from Streaking!  Highly recommended!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Al Green: The Belle Album

I love Al Green, and have gone through different phases in my life where I've leaned towards a particular album of his as my favorite. In my early, Al Green listening years back in college, I definitely leaned towards Let's Stay Together, and I'm Still in Love With You.  Then later on, I listened to Call Me, then started digging the rawness of his early albums like Green is Blue, and Al Green Gets Next To You.  As of this past year, if someone would ask me my favorite Green album, I would now have to say The Belle Album (with I'm Still in Love With You, and Let's Stay Together, in close second and third).  Sad to say, but I largely ignored this album until this past year, mainly because I judged by the cover that it may be a wrong turn into disco for Al (not dissing disco, as I like me some disco--but Al Green doing disco wouldn't sound too promising to me).  How wrong was I!  Great, great album, especially the opening title track.  It's smoky and sultry, but what Al Green track from the 70's isn't?