Friday, April 27, 2012

Cry Baby Cry

"Cry Baby Cry"--the same title of two wonderful songs by two completely different bands.  The Chicago Psych-Folk band Hollins and Starr only released one album in their time.  Released in 1970, Sidewalks Talking, simply put, is one of the 1960's/70's Psych-Folk scene's brighter moments--though I don't claim to be too knowledgeable on the subject.  It's a shame Hollins and Starr never made more music, but their legacy lives on in the form of individuals like DJ Shadow, who sampled "Twin City Prayer" for his track "What Does Your Soul Look Like?"  Here is "Cry Baby Cry"
 The Hollins and Starr track got me thinking of The Beatles track "Cry Baby Cry" off of The White Album.  One of my favorite tracks off of their brilliant double-album, just another brilliant John Lennon vocal, and the descending guitar chords are very Beatle-ly, and beautiful, as always.